Sunday, December 28, 2008

For she's a jolly good fellow

Furonda, lady in black.

Happy Birthday

Furonda !

Sorry readers, lack of updates. Yes, i know.

I promise will update really soon with tons of pictures !


Sunday, December 21, 2008

Secret Code.

Had Sakae last night. In sunway carnival. Ate alone, while my parents wondering around searching for a new camera at sonycentre. I LOVE SUSHI.

Well, im leaving to Penang in a bit. No internet there. Unless, someone is nice enough to let me use their laptop. heee. Taa.




Watched Histeria, in Gurney's GSC. With my cousin lap. Ultimate scaryness.

From, Histeria.

In the hall. When everytime the movies showed the nasty scary part. I closed my eye, pretending that I was watching soothingly. HAHA. Didn't want to closed my eyes with my hands, how un-macho of me rright. HAHA, yeah am a scardy cat.

After movie, had supper. Sunrise, mcDonald's.

Me and Baldy.

Au Revoir

Last Weds, hangd out with my sis Jesz. Her last day, in penang. Moving to KL the day after. Chilled at CoffeeBean.

Having our Iced Fruit Tea.

Bumped into Faiz. Jesz's friend. Bumped into Anna. Jesz's sister. Bumped into Nash. My brother. From C.B, all of us moved to Sega's.

-Good luck Sis. ILY

- Not fair wey, you bought the louis vuitton's jeans ! Buy me one ! =3

-What bulu haaa, Z ? Bulu this, bulu that. Bulu everywhere.

Lol, inside joke. You know who you are.

Quick Update.

Went to Kenko GurneyPlaza , for fishspa. With Kitty.

My legs, obviously is harrier than kitty's. Fishes were making love with our legs.

Very ticklish. It was fun though. Their very first customer in the morning. Kitty and me shouting all the waaay. After Kenko, had lunch at SakaeSushi. Thumbs up. Walked the every floors, and went to Chili's for desert.

Chocolate Molten Cake.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Love Lockdown

Yes, I eat alot.

I'll update again soon, I'm just really tired.
Going back to Penang tomorrow.


Sunday, December 14, 2008

I'll be disappearing once more.
Will be in Penang Island.



There I was. Having caramel frapp and revising my history. Texting with my pals and scribilling on the book. I've been waiting for my mom at starbucks for 2 hours. Waiting for her to finish her work lah.

She called me to meet her infront of the office. So I went there, to pick my mom up and straight to the parking lot. On our way to the car, she told me a scenario that happened to her at Giant earlier. And the story just cracks me up.

-My mom bought a sandwich at Giant for lunch, and brought it to her office. She took a bite out of it and it was already rotten. So one of her colleague told her to change it at Giant.

Mom talked to the Information Counter Girl.

Mom : Excuse me, I bought this sandwich earlier and it is rotten. Can I change it to another sandwich please ?

Info girl : Do you have the receipt ?

Mom : Well, i think i threw it away.

Info girl : No receipt , cannot change lor miss.

Mom : You can clearly see at the tag it says that I bought it today. Plus, why must I keep the receipt ? I only bought a sandwich. How should I know it's going to be rotten. Giant food are always fresh righttt. *mom gave the look

Info girl : Er, i dont know la , don't know la. *the bitch look and voice.

Mom : FINE. EASY. Take this sandwich. You pergi makan or you kasi dekat you punya kawan. *Mom left the sandwich on desk & walked off.

HAHAHAHAHHHH. Stupid Info Girl.

Go mom.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

The earth stood still.


Went out to Gurney with my cousin, Arina. Well the last time I met her, last year's Cicakman2 shooting. Yeah, ages ago.
Watched, The Day The Earth Stood Still. From the trailer on tv, the movie looked amazing. But , once we saw it in the big screen. Well, quite dissapointing. I only enjoyed the power part though. Hella cool.

My cousin, Arina. She cracks me up all the time.

Had our lunch at the food court. It was all her idea, craving for claypot food. Got a text message that my sis Jesz, will be seeing me in a bit.

We chilled at starbucks.

Walked the every floors & doing silly stuff and it was really fun. Was suppose to bump into Cat, but didn't see her though. Kitty, if you're reading this. Get ready for fishspa !

I was about to say something, but i accidentally took the pic.

Later that evening, Arina went home with her dad & my mom sent Jesz to jetty. Had my dinner at KFC. OH FATS FATS.

Picture Of The Day.

Ya' know you love me.

Lost & Found.

On the very same day, after celebrating Raya Korban with family. My uncle brought us to Gurney's GSC for a movie. He asked one of my cousin what does she wants watch.

She said, Los dan Faun. A malay movie. Frankly, I don't watch alot of malay movies, but the director for the movie is Afdlin Shauki. So, what the heck. On the other hand, my uncle and her wife watched ransporter 3. I was soo freakin' jealous. I wanted to watch that movie too, but I'm stucked with a malay movie.

The movie was really boring. A dissapointing movie from Afdlin Shauki.

-Till me and a cousin of mine went out from the hall and just snap pictures. We're camera whores btw.

Atikah & I.



Celebrated Hari Raya Korban with my Family in Penang. Good Food, Good times.

Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Adha.

Pesta Pulau Pinang.


Few of my cousins came down from Singapore to visit my greatgrandfather. So one night, my cousins wanted to go to the Pesta and they asked me to tag along. To be honest, I've never been to Pesta eventhough I'm staying in Penang for 16 years.

- Oh well, pergi je lah en.

Scary ride with Nani.


We did alot of walking that night, and my feet hurts alot. On our way to a stall, we came across with snakes. My cousins dared me to hold the snake and take a pic with it.

- Guess what I did ?

I even kissed the snake. The taste of it's cherry chapstick.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Subaidah, not so 24HRS.

After sending Jesz at the jetty.

Mom and I had nasi kandar at Subaidah. After we paid. On our way to the car, I heard this screaming and I turned around and..

except for the board though.

No ELECTRICITY. Lucky for us, finish our dinner early.



I went out with my sister, Jesz at Sunway this evening.

Jesz & I.

Ate at some place called noodle station. Food was crap.

Bill was RM10+. So , she gave 50. And this genius bangla or nepal or god-knows-where-he's from cashier gave us back RM10. He charged us with the wrong bill from other table. Well, in the end he cleared it up and we paid 10. Nepal oh nepal oh nepal

This is the monyet. LOL

While we were walking thru parkson. I met a schoolmate of mine and a friend of my sister's friend. Wessley the monyet. LOL. Didn't recognize him at first, till I looked at his hair. Was poofy and orange-yy. Sorry yaa wess.

Mom gave jesz a lift to the jetty for her to go home.


As you all know. I was in Penang for a week and stucked there with no internet. So, that explains why there is no update.

She likes to kick my arse. seriously.

Called up a friend, Cat to go out. Went gurney. And someone, arrived late. No, it wasn't 5 / 10 mins late. It was 55 minutes late. But it's okay. I forgive you kitty.

Decided to have lunch at Chillis. So we went it, sat and looking at the menu AND SUDDENLY, that someone again wanted to eat somewhere else. We walked off and ate at Sakae Sushi. More talk and talk. Went to Coffee Bean, shared pure chocolate ordered by that someone. Haha.

Sadly, I had to leave early. My only ride, was only available at 5pm.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

There is plenty of anger inside of me
It has to stop
Why is there so much anger inside of me?
My anger is part of my frustration
I have to control it now
My anger causes me plenty of trouble
There is plenty of anger inside of me
And what is anger do I know?
Anger is a strong feeling of displasureIt is a grief that
I have inside of me
How can I control it?
What triggers my anger?
Can I recognize it?

- this is exactly how i feel right now.

I miss you.

Im back, for a day.
To check on my house and my dad.

I was in penang for 6 days. And I'm going back to penang again tomorrow till god-knows-when.

The reason why I'm staying in penang cause, my greatgrandfater was admitted for the past 3 weeks. Had to stay there to take care of him, with the rest of the family members. Well, pray for him. But now he's doing well, resting at home.

I miss everyone, and I mean everyone.
you know who you are..

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Only for a while.

First and foremost,

I'm baaack !

I've been away for quite sometime cause I was in Penang. And at last, im back again. I miss my flat screen tv. I miss my astro. I miss my bed. I miss my pc. Most of all i miss all of my loved ones.

Last thursday, I went to gurney to have lunch with Cat. She's working part-time there, so we only spent an hour. We had our lunch at Chilli's ! LOL. Cat is a funny girl. And she talks fluent english. Cat, if you're reading this i want my freebies now ! LOLOL.

Did I mention ? I have to go back to Penang again tomorrow. Will be there for a couple of days.
But this time, it will be less boring cause i'll bring my ps2 along. And, im going bowling with my godbrother E , at penang bowl.

I'm going now.

Monday, November 10, 2008

All the best !

I , Aizalrichie.
Would like to wish,

Good Luck !

to all of the SPM Candidates.
Your final battle awaits.
I didn't go anywhere far.

It's a long story, i'll update soon.

Thursday, November 6, 2008


Will be away for a couple of days.

I'll be admitted starting tomorrow. Worry not.
Slightly nervous though.

Wish me luck.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

It Takes time.


English paper 1 and 2. & History paper 1.
It was hard. For english, i didn't have time to finish the essay. Section B's essay is suppose to be more than 350 words but i only manage to write 280++. As for history, it's okay i guess. Not that tough.

After school, went to sakaesushi with mom. Met nat at starbucks. I ate alot, and i am going to put on weight soon. Heh, there goes my diet. !@#$.


History paper 2.
It was uberly hard. Essay, I can't do it all. My friends and I read some of the chapters that didn't appear for our previous tests, and the moment when we got the paper we checked the essay section. Out of all chapters that we read, only 1 came out. ! How frustrating is that ! Most of the questions I answered it with my eyes closed. Uhhh.

There was no other paper after history, so I went to the hall to chat with my form3 friends. Sonnya, Chauz, Zack and Furonda. We played truth or dare and it was freakin' funny. There was this part, where Chauz chose dare and had to seduced Sonnya. I kept on laughing hardly like no body business.

I'm having art and math tmrw.

Going to kill myself now.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Nokia 5320.

  • 3G.
  • 2 mega pixel with flash.
  • xpressmusic.
  • dedicated music buttons.
  • red is sexy.
  • additional n-gage gaming button.
  • not that expensive.

With the above stated reason,

I want this phone !

Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween !


Yesterday was shocking.
First day of my finals.

Civics paper - it was okaay.
Bm paper - didn't manage to do literature. :S

as for today ?

Business paper.

I might, fail. Help.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Went to KL on Friday along with my dad and maid.

Stayed at my sister's place. With my niece and nephews. It's been along time I haven't been to kl.
I know you're going through a tough time right now and I'm very sorry that I'm not there to be with you, to lend you a shoulder to cry on.

But I guess you're okay now. You got what that you needed.

- you know who you are
he/she who must not be named.
For those who invited me to their open house.

Thank you, but I'm sorry I couldn't make it. I'm sick and studying at home. Plus, transportation difficulties.

well, thanks again.


I just got back from KL (monday).
Will post about that later.

My finals is coming really soon. Plus, I still have my headache. And I have school tomorrow. I don't know whether I'm capable to go. Who knows if I don't my teachers might leak some questions that will appear for the exam. & Who knows If I go, my teachers wouldn't give anything.

Sighhhhh and more sighhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

And oh yeah,
better late than never.

For those who are celebrating, I would like to wish

Happy Deepavali.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

I'm leaving to KL . I'll be back on Monday.


Friday, October 24, 2008

To Yasmine.

Belated Happy Birthday !

May all of your dreams come true.
You know you love me :]

HOTS Annual Dinner.

Sorry for not updating. Been sick again. [ inside curse ]


Attended HouseOfTheatreSociety Annual dinner at TAO Authentic Cuisine & Lounge.

Got a ride from Zack's mom. Together with Mugi & Elyn. We were the first to arrive & we were quite hungry cause' saving our stomach for later. All-you-can-eat buffet. I love the sound of that.

Just look at the food. My tummy was howling for it. But, we'll wait for the others to join.

more pictures,

Monday, October 20, 2008

It's for a good cause.

As you can see, it's NIKE.
It's a limited edition , Nike duffel bag. Which is priced at, RM249.90

I really want this bag so bad. I want to buy this. A.S.A.P
Is anyone is willing to lend me your money ?

I'm desperate.

Amazingly, I feel a bit better now.

No more blood, no more dizzyness.
But the headache, slightly still there.

Sunday, October 19, 2008


Went to Sunway with wifey and Z. Thought of watching movie, but all of them were boring. So, we decided to go to winterwarmers for tea & chat abit.

Then later, we went to Sakae.

I was just playing along. haha

After hours of walking, we went to pizzahut.
While we were eating, our friend Furonda was there too. Asked her to join us for a bit.

Randomly went F.O.S and Z forced me to try out a green weird shorts.
He's random too.

Stalker is currently stalking.