Monday, March 23, 2009


B to tha U to tha S to tha y.
Put it all together and what doest is say ?


Yes, I'm currently busy with school. Tons of assignments, homeworks, extra classes, etc. Bare with me. I know ya'll want to see an update.

I'll update once I'm free. With trilions of pictures, be patient.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Happy Birthday to

MissE !

have a wonderful birthday and keep rockin !

Monday, March 16, 2009

Happy 19th Birthday,
to my pal.

Kenzio !

-have a blast !

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Tagged by Natalia

10 things about the person who tagged you:
1. Her name is Natalia Christiana Chantelene.
2. She's my BFF.
3. She's 17 but older than my by 4months.
4. She likes to sing in class.
5. We skip school together
6. Both of us loves McD's Spicy Chicken McDeluxe.
7. I really miss her and she misses me too.
8. We like to eat kebab in class.
9. She doesnt like underarm [youknowwhatrightnat]
10. We always flunk in math but not English !

10 things about Me.
1. I'm AJ
2. Happy energetic.
3. Loves all his cousins/family from all over the world.
4. Loves good food, cakes, milk shakes, fruits, chocolate etc.
5. Loves singing.
6. Loves theatre.
7. Sakae Sushi or any japanese food is to die for.
8. Loves girls in heels.
9. A Nike fan.
10. Sarcastic.

I tag.
1. Elyn 2. Kelvin 3. Mafa 4. Phat 5. Kenzio

Thursday, March 12, 2009


Misha & I. -Froggy

I got home early today. My friend, took his spm result and asked me whether I wanted to go home early. And I said, yess. Besides, i don't feel that well anyway. Congratulations to all my pals for getting Fabulous results !

Later that evening, amen & faris came to chill at my place. Crazy monkeys I tell you. Hahahh.
Let me repeat again, so much to do, so little time !
I got home from school early, 12plus. Tagged my friend after he took his spm results. Ahhh, so many things to do. So little time !

Ding Dong

Bye MingChauz ! *Blue shirt.

Last friday. Was the last schooling day for MingChau. He's shifting to Australia. So we said goodbye to him and everything. His class threw him a small farewell for him. Well, i told him that " Ming Chau, I'm gonna miss you. And remember don't loose you're virginity thereee ! " LOL I just love teasing him. Well yeah, that's the last of it.
Gonna miss you dude.

After that, Me,Zack,Elyn,Shuba & MissE headed to Disted Stamford Penang for The Star N.I.E Magazine programe. Got tons of magazines.

My very last paper.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Im quite busy these days. and i have to go to penang island. Umm, lots to update. so, i'll do it once when i get home.

playsafe !

Sunday, March 1, 2009

OMG. I have freakin' tests tomorrow. I studied but not much.

Gahhhhhhhhhhhh im scared.
well, wish me luck guys.


Munching on Soft Shell Crab Crepe Maki.

Went to Sunway with mom earlier. Straight to Popular got some workbooks and stuff for my new private tutor. And when I looked at the time, it's dinner. So, we headed to Sakae Sushi. My favourite place.

So we ate and everything. Mom wanted to try something new.

Mom: Hmm, what about lobster salad ?

Me: Alrighty then.

Mom: *Ordered at the pc*.

Waiter : *placed the lobster salad*.

Mom: *Tasted it* Yum, this is good. I wonder if this is raw. #cause mom doesn't eat raw stuff.

Mom: Excuse me, is this cooked ?

Waiter: uhh, uhhh. NO

Mom : Huhhhhhh. Tastes nice and chunky but it's raaw ?!

Me : ROFL. Bwahahahah.

Love ya' momm. <3

One Night Only

I am happy and touched cause many of my friends came and show their biggest support. Thanks guys.

Bintang Remaja BSN Finale'. I didn't win.
Consolation. Everybody thought I was going to win. Everyone went "AJ AJ AJ! AJ AJ AJ!! " But when the host didn't called my name. All went quiet.

I sang One Night Only by, Jennifer Hudson. It showed the power of vocal and everything, but they chose the flat-toned singers. But, nevermind. There's more where that came from. Everyone came and support and they loved my performance and I had lotsa fun. THAT'S ENOUGH. fullstop :]

Thankyou to the HipHopCrew who came and jumped! Thankyou to MrC&MsE for being there and the wonderful lunch at KFC. Thanks to ma&pa. Thanks to my neighbours who came. Thanks to Elyn,Saiful&Zack for the banners. Thanks to my dudes who screamed and yell! TYTYTY.


"Congratulations AJ. I'm so proud of you. I guess if Jennifer Hudson was there, she'd be totally proud of you"
-Natalia Christiana.

Thanks love. I totally agree.