Sunday, August 31, 2008


I bowled with my parents . Megalanes, Pacific. Since today will be the last, my father & I thought it will be fun if the both us fight with each other. I won, obviously. Average, Mine-185. Dad's-155. Better luck next time ey.

A little fact ; I started bowling when I was 6 till now. 11 years. I'm using a 15.5lb, 14lb, and 11lb. If I'm playing in a tournament, whenever I got a strike, I'll shout yeahhhh! But, I don't go for teenagers league anymore, cause' I have tuition and co-curricular activities. Still, I go for weekly training.

In action, and my precious Brunswick Danger HPC.

Later, we went to Victoria Station. Regular place to dine also, been there since I was 5. I ate alot, cause' tomorrow is fasting month. LOL. I wanna go to bed now, Gisele kept screaming my name. Gotta run.

p/s; To all Muslims out there, I would like to wish Selamat Berpuasa.

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I'm AJ I got tagged.

The rules:
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1) I love Nike.
2) I hate roaches.
3) I dip my oreo cookies with peanut butter.
4) I can laugh my ass off.
5) I'm tall.
6) I hate bean sprout.
7) I scream like a banshee.
8) I enjoy walking in the mall.

I tag :
Phat, Yasmine, Elyn, Jennifer.

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Oh nose, nose , nose. Why are you so runny and blocked today ? Grrr

I just woke up & here I am in front of the monitor typing this. I'm bored & hungry. Can't wait to go bowling tonight. Last bowling before fasting tomorrow. Okay, hit the showers now. Got it, crystal clear.

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Happy Independence Day Malaysia!
Happy 51st.

I am proud to be a Malaysian.

Note: Jesz, when are you going to call me ?


Saturday, August 30, 2008

Quality time.

I'm grounded for 3 months, and the next month I'll be free again. booyeahhhh.

I begged my mom to take me out today, just a mother-son thingy. I am sick and tired and bored staying at home. So, she agreed to it cause' she wants to do a little shopping for herself. She wants to go to the new Jusco at Perda. So yeah, we went there. It was quite okay-lah for a mall in a small kampung area. While mom was looking at some pillows, came a person tapped my back hardly. I turned around & it was Iman ! Both of us were laughing at a corner and everybody was staring at us with their pathetic gloomy eyes. After that, me & mom headed to Hongkie Recipe for lunch. As you know, I am a great eater. So, I have to say the food was superb. You guys ought to see it for yourself. And then came a clown, to our table and gave me a pink teddy bear baloon. Well, thankyou mrClown.

And now, I'm just sitting while reading harper's bazaar. To study my fashion knowledge and spot some sizzling hot models.

L - R, Iman & the baloon.
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Friday, August 29, 2008


I just got home from dinner, with my parents and my eldest niece Izzati. We ate at Salad Bowl chain ferry, our regular place to dine. I wasn't in the mood of talking due to my suffocation trauma. I can't really breathe well cause' my nostrils are small. The doctor gave some meds to eat and to spray. But I still find myself hard to breathe. It's really exhausting trust me. Imagine, i need five deep breath to breathe normally. I really need to go to the hospital again, i am really suffering. Not to mention, I'm having a heavy headache too. But, my face doesn't show how sick i am right now. That's why some of you guys don't know. I really need to get some sleep now, my eyes are getting heavy.

How I wish I could just die & everything is settled.

till then,

Merdeka ! pt2

And this is just us, after the ceremony. Clowning around with the camera. And yes, we just love taking pictures.

Haven't I told you that we are camera-whores !

With our teacher, MissElena.

Last picture of the day.

Merdeka ! pt1

We did it !

Closing ceremony for school's Merdeka Day.

Zarif & Furonda with their 'never-ending-merdeka-speech.' LOL & Adelyn, Elyn, + Iman sang patriotic songs. My job was to handle these 3 girls. It was shake-ey at first, but we rocked it !

Busy, make-up

Frm top-bottom, elyn+adelyn+iman.

Adelyn,Elyn & Iman on the stage, and they made..

the students went WILD ! :]



I'm Aizalrichie & this is my new blog, 3rd to be exact. I'm bored with my old blog, so I decided to create a new one and this is it. From now on, I'll be blogging here. Terminating the old one soon.

I gotta go take some nap now, Gisele Bundchen is waiting. LOL

till then,