Monday, February 23, 2009

Aman's BBQ Farewell

A friend of mine. We've been friends since the day we were born. He lives 3 doors away from me. And he's going away to technic school.

I'll update soon.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

I've got one night only.


Do you guys wanna know, whether I'm thru to the Finals ? For my Bintang Remaja that is.
The answer is..

YES. I'm going to the Finals !
February 28th 2009, Carrefour.
- come and support ! :]

Burglars Fuckin' Burglars !!

Monday, February 16, 2009

My head is heavy. My nose is blocked. Throat is sore. Coughing here and there. Breathing difficulties. Shhhhhhhhyt.

Got back from the clinic abt an hour ago. 6 types of meds, and 1 of it is pink syrup. Damn I hate syrup. Makes me wanna puke. Oh well, health is important. Prolly, not going to school tmrw. Shall rest more. I took the meds just now, and I'll just dooze of at any second now.

-I'll be fine, i think. :[

Bintang Remaja BSN.

- "Sway with me, sway me more..."

Yeahp. I sang Sway, from Michael Buble'. Practiced for weeks for this day. 11 participants from my school competed with 4 of CBW's. Of all places in Penang, they had to pick Carrefour for this event. But nvm, it's all good.

My singing was shaky at first, but it was all better after the first few seconds. I think , roughly there was like 30+ who supported me when I was singing. All of my friends congratulated me when I was finishd. They said it was the best performance & I can go to the finals. : ]

A very BIG THANKYOU to all of my friends who supported , jumped , sway-ed , screamed their lungs out yesterday ; Appreciate it so much. Thankyou to MrC & MsE. Speacial thanks to Mafarikha, who taught me how to hit the high notes. xp


Now, the question is. AM I, thru to the Finals ? HAHAHH, I think I know the answer but the official will be announce on the 21st. Stay tuned !


To Mugi -

Sorry about your loss. May her soul rest in peace. My condonlences to you and your family.

From me, and H.O.T.S

To my private tutor, Raja -

Sorry about your loss. May his soul rest in peace.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

- Okay, I'm scared right now. I'm coughing and my nose is starting to block, my throat itches like hell. Please, I don't need this right now. Come again another you viruss. 16 hours to go. Dayyyum !

Vocal chords.

Great, oh great. I think i gained 2kgs in 2 days. Ahhhhhh, just what I needed. An extra 2 frickin kilos. :[

So, anywho. Got back from school. Rehearsal for tomorrow. Actually, i'm entering a singing competition organized by BSN. So, I really want to win. And there's alot of my friends are going to be there to support me. Wooot, really scared.

I'll be singing ....
Nehh, it's a surprise.

Well, I'm gonna take a looong nap. Frickin tired doh.

Wish me luck guys !

And oh yeah,

Happy Valentine's Day !
Love ya sweetie pie. <3

Monday, February 9, 2009

- Audition went well. Everything was nicely done.

I'm Back

I would like to apologize for the lack of updates over the past few days. In between of my audition and tuition, school tasks, there are so many things on my plate right now that's driving me off the wall. I just want to get it done and over with.

Recently, went out with Mugi&Zack to Sunway. Zack's farewell but no one turned up except me and Mugi. Well, Zack no worries. We'll make you another one. You're not leaving yet. Haw Haw.

To our favourite place, SakaeSushi.

Chilled at Swenz, while Iman was taking her break with us.