Sunday, May 17, 2009


Here I am, all sleepy in the dining room. Using dad's lappy.

FYI - My pc has been taken to the doctor for an operation called reformat.
And the doctor said, all of my pics,songs,vids are now GONE. Gone I tell you, GONE!
Mourn with me people. :'(

Moving on,
I just got back from Kuantan 2 days ago. Attended a bowling friendly match with Terengganu & Pahang.

My game was okay, cause I was quite nervous with the Pahang bowlers. But my team mates & I managed to get silver for U-18.
The whole journey was a catastrophe, i sat alone in the bus. Doing my own business, listening to my mp3, munching on tidbits, texting etc etc. When the bus stopped for lunch or toilet breaks. I ate and walked alone. The winding road in Genting was horrible, I nearly barf in the bus. But it's all good.

Reached arnd 6pm+. MegaviewHotel 3star hotel. My room mates were Afiq&WooSeong.
Overall, everything was fine.
I made new friends, and I actually miss them.

*Pictures will be up soon.
When my pc is okay, that is.

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