Monday, April 6, 2009

You thief.

To the person who took my 300 bucks.

You're sucha frickin c*. You tell lotsa lotsa stories and that was all bulls*. I knw a conman when I see one. You told me you father died and stuff and you couldn't and bla, that's just f*in bulls*. You knw why your father died? cause he has a son like you. Or maybe after all this while, he doesn't want to admit you're his son. Which means your frickin adopted. Preety sad haaa boy ? Ya' turn off ya phone, change the number and stuff. Pathetic. Dude, you're like what 20+ ? And i didn't had a chance to tell you, you stink like a skunk. Thaat's right. No deodorant aaa boy ? It's okay, karma baby.

I hope you'll rot in hell.
- what a pussy.

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Chrissie Pereira said...

omg, who is that bloody thief la? tell me tell me. tak pakai deo summore? haha.